Sale of a Business

In a sale engagement, AIM Group provides the following services:

The sale of a business generally takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months from the date we are hired to the closing of a transaction. Reasons for selling may include retirement, taking some chips off the table, pursuing other interests or divesting non-core divisions of a larger organization.


Valuation Estimation

Conduct management interviews and review historical financial statements in order to estimate a valuation range for the company.


Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

Coordinate with management the collection of key information and documentation that will be required throughout the engagement.


Preparation of a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

The CIM is a 20-30 page report prepared by AIM which describes the company for sale in detail. It is only distributed to interested parties who have signed a Confidentiality Agreement in advance.


Preparation of a Prospective Buyers List

AIM prepares a Prospective Buyers List which will include companies in the same or related industries, private equity firms, and private buyers who may
be interested in acquiring the company.


Preparation of a Virtual Data Room (VDR)

The VDR is a password protected, online database that contains extensive documentation related to the company which will be required for due diligence after a deal in principle has been agreed with a counterparty.


Managing the Solicitation Process

AIM contacts prospective buyers by telephone. If there is interest, we send an anonymous 1 page summary with a Confidentiality Agreement by email. We then review signed confidentiality agreements and distribute CIMs.


Review of Letters of Intent (LOI’s)

AIM will review all LOI’s and give advice regarding the price and terms offered by prospective buyers in their LOIs. After negotiations regarding LOI’s we give advice on selecting the chosen bidder.


Managing the Due Diligence Process

AIM collects, organizes, and populates the password protected, online VDR with due diligence information requested by the counterparty and their advisors.


Closing Support

AIM supports and coordinates the company’s accountants, lawyers and other advisors to resolve any outstanding issues to close the transaction.