Acquisition of a Business

Business owners regularly pursue acquisitions as a way to grow their companies. The benefits of such acquisitions may include operating synergies, new geographies, increased product and service offerings, and expanded customer bases.

In the Acquisition of a Business, AIM Group provides the following:

Some clients who hire us to advise on acquisitions already have a target company in mind with whom they are in active discussions with. In such engagements, AIM Group provides the services 3 through 8. In other situations we are hired to do an industry wide search for acquisition targets. In those circumstances AIM
provides services 1 and 2 below as well.


Prepare Target Criteria

AIM works with management to determine the profile of the company that is being pursued. These will include industry sector characteristics, size and geography to name a few.


Prepare Target List

Through extensive research, AIM will prepare a list of possible target companies to be acquired based on criteria provided by the client.


Solicit Seller Interest

Upon approval of the target list by the client, AIM contacts each prospect to determine their interest in selling. If so, AIM will make introductions, have confidentiality agreements signed, and start requesting information.


Review of Target Information

Request and review financial and other documentation and information provided by the target company and their advisors.


Strategic Fit Analysis

Request additional information from the target company to better assess the risks and benefits of a potential acquisition.


Valuation and Transaction Structuring

Advice and recommendations regarding valuation and structure based on precedent transactions and comparable companies in the industry.


Preparation of a Letter of Intent

Assist the client’s lawyers to draft a Letter of Intent outlining the price, structure and other terms.


Supervising the Due Diligence Process

Collaborate with the client and their other advisors, including due diligence specialists, to prepare additional information requests.


Closing Support

AIM supports and coordinates the company’s accountants, lawyers and other advisors to resolve any outstanding issues to close the transaction.