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Founded in 1990, AIM Group Canada Ltd. is one of Canada’s leading mergers and acquisitions advisory firms. We specialize in the sale or acquisition of privately owned businesses from coast to coast. AIM is a founding member of Pandea Global M&A, an international network of M&A firms. Through this network, we have direct access to overseas buyers and local partner knowledge.

Our typical client
profile is as follows:

AIM provides advisory services to business owners looking to sell or acquire privately owned companies.


Pre-tax profit between $1 and $10 million or ARR greater than $2 million.


Most industries including information technology but excluding natural resources and real estate development.


Coast to Coast in Canada.

Global Reach

AIM Group is a founding member of Pandea Global M&A, an international alliance of M&A advisory firms. The group was formed in 2017 to provide our clients access to international markets using local expertise.

With 200+ professionals in 24 countries, Pandea is among the top ten largest M&A networks of its kind.

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