Buying a Business

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AIM Group can help grow your business through merger and acquisition.

Our buy side advisory services are sought by companies wishing to grow by merger or acquisition.

For clients who have not identified a target, we help define acquisition goals and criteria and then assist in researching, identifying and qualifying acquisition candidates. Once we have prepared a list that is approved by our client, we initiate contact with the target company. If there is interest in proceeding with discussion we then introduce our client to the appropriate decision makers.

Once a target company is identified and has shown interest in such discussion or in situations where our client has already identified an acquisition target, AIM provides numerous additional services. We assist the acquirer with the valuation of the target company as well as with determining the most effective structure for the transaction. Our long track record and extensive financial skills have proven essential in past transactions to complete the assignment successfully.

As the buyer’s agent we assist with the sometimes contentious negotiations and provide a filter for the discussions between the parties. This proves particularly useful in minimizing confrontation between the parties who often will have to work together through a transition period after closing. AIM will then assist with the arduous task of due diligence review as well as assisting in the review and negotiations of the final legal documentation.